The Significance of Hydrobiology

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Hunting Fish on WaterAccording to Wikipedia Hydrobiology is “The science of life, and life processes in Water”

Part of the broader studies of our Ecology, Hydrobiology looks at the the health of living , water based organisms in both flowing and still water, and includes studies in Economic Biology, morphology, taxonomy,Industrial Biology and others.

For us the significant feature is that all these studies focus on the health of the aquatic creatures, which in turn rely on the health of the water itself.  This study ties in closely with both sewerage management and water purification, as well as management of Rivers, Lakes water catchments etc Read more

Keeping Toxins out of your waste water

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If you live on a property and rely on a septic or composting waste disposal unit, keeping toxins out of your waste water is essential.

The same is true if you are recycling your grey water for use on your veggie patch or in your orchard.

Whether for these reasons, or if your are one of the many millions seeking more Environment friendly products to reduce the impact of waste leaving your property, we have something you should really check out for yourself.

Some time back a friend told us about Grab Green home and Laundry care products.

We will run through some of the uses shortly, but these are brilliant, non toxic products for just about everything you need to clean at home.

Firstly, these guys list every single ingredient clearly on their labels so we can make informed choices. Detergents are dispensed via pods, Products are packed in resealable Velcro topped pouches. Even their degreaser and cookware/bakeware cleaners are solvent free.

The Company has spent years on scientific research to arrive at the optimal balance between mineral based, and plant based ingredients to provide solid cleaning power that is safe for the Environment. All products are non toxic, and concentrated so they are still powerful enough to deliver effective cleaning.

Grab Green are confident that these products surpass other eco-friendly products and compete head to head with damaging conventional products.

The product list is considerable with laundry products (detergent, bleach replacements and dryer sheets), Kitchen products (Dishwashing Detergent, Bakeware cleaner, Garbage disposal Cleaner, Dish soap, Sponges and Brushes), General Cleaners (All purpose, Degreaser, Countertop, Glass cleaner) along with hand and body soaps, and room fresheners.

They can be purchased in “bundles” so you have a cross section of products to cover your needs, even gift sets are available.

Products can be fragrance free, or choose form 9 natural scents, all carefully blended from essential oils.

Most packaging is recyclable, sustainably harvested ingredients are selected, and resources used in production are minimalized.

Products are biodegradable and there is no animal-testing.

According to the Company there are “No phthalates, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, fillers, optical brighteners, masking agents or dyes. EVER!”

Click here or on the advert to the right, to visit their website and learn more. The company’s intentions are impressive, and the products really work

One more way to protect our water ways, and home grown food supplies without compromising convenience.


Saving energy and resources with Coffee Makers

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Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. It is the first thing that most people are looking first thing in the morning. Coffee is not just an energy booster, but it also contains essential antioxidants that cleanse our system of impurities, so Coffee makers are great appliances to have in your home as they allow you to prepare quality coffee fast and easy.

As there are numerous coffee makers in the marketplace, it is a must to find the right one that offers you the features that you are looking for in your coffee makers. Along with getting the right features in our machine, we wanted to have as little environmental impact as possible, and surprisingly we found that the choice of heating components made all the difference.It impacts the amount of electricity used, and the raw materials needed to make the machine in the first place.

The Coffee machine has two switches, one for turning on and one for turning off. To assure that the heating elements do not to overheat, components like fuses and sensors are installed. In coffee machines, sensors can detect if the coil is too hot and turn the current off. When it settles down, the current will be restored. By repeating this cycle, it allows you to have a warm coffee whenever you want to drink it, so that there is no need for you to re-heat the coffee again and again. Fuses cut the power if the coffee temperature gets too high, so together the Fuses and sensors assure safety.

Our Coffee maker has a resistive heating element or coiled wire, (which is similar to light bulb’s filament or electric toaster) that gets hot once we turn on the machine. The heating components of coffee maker has two tasks. First, when you put water into the coffee maker, the heating element warms it. Second, after the machine has processed the coffee, the heating element keeps the brewed coffee warm.

As outlined in many coffee maker reviews another significant aspect of a coffee machine is the one-way-valve. Primarily, it is usually located in the aluminum heating pipe or within the bucket.

As demonstrated in this video from the University of Illinois, the combination of this simple valve, and the inexpensive heating element remove the need for a pump, nd a second heat source in the Coffee maker design. It also makes sure  that hot water ca flow through the coffee grounds, but brewed coffee cannot flow back into the water reservoir. These simple yet ingenious features are found in the best drip coffee makers available today. We recommend you read reviews or a list of Best Rated Coffee Makers to pick your favorite coffee machine.

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Home made Cleaning Solution for Braun Electric Shavers

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Anything that large scale industry does not have to make means smaller waste going out to the environment, so we are going to make our own cleaning solution for my Braun electric shaver.

The Braun shaver is one of the most highly rated and most advanced shavers available, according to trusted reviewers online.

Newer Braun’s come  with an auto charging – cleaning system which is called Clean & Renew system. With a simple touch of a button, the Braun shaver unit will be automatically hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated. It also helps keep the blade in top condition to ensure an ultimate performance from every stroke.

On top of that, a regularly cleaned shaver retains optimal hygiene for a fresh shaving experience every time you use the shaver. It also prevents skin irritation by not allowing a place for nasty bacteria to live.

To be fair, buying the original Braun Syncro clean and renew refill packs won’t cost you much, and one cartridge could last for a month if used daily. But men being men, sometimes we love to do some unique stuff that would save us some money, and it helps the environment a little as well.

What we need:

  • Lemon Essential oils 4 0z
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 70% USP 473ml

We acknowledge Tyler, (the guy from the video above), who owns electric shaver guide. He knows his stuff well and contributes a lot when it comes to shaving. Braun 7 790cc is the best electric razor . It is easy and simple to use and it is Braun’s most advanced shaver giving closer shaves with little skin irritation. Most top review websites make this Braun shaver their no.1 choice as the best electric shaver of today. But it is only used for dry shaving.

About Braun’s Clean and Renew System Functions

Cleaning – an alcohol based cleaning solution removes any shaved stubble to clean the electric shaving unit. Charging – the shaver’s battery will be automatically charged while it is in the auto system dock so it stays fully powered and ready for the next use. Lubricates – The cleaning solution or formula will also lubricate the shaver’s blades during its cleaning cycle. This will ensure optimal shaving efficiency of the blades and extend their lives. Freshness -the cleaning agent also releases a pleasant lemon scent. Read more

Espresso Machines Different Heating Technologies

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One simple pleasure that most of us turn to each day, (which in turn relies on water quality) is our daily Coffee. As a coffee consumer purchasing a home coffee maker, there are numerous factors to consider, some of which impact on energy consumption, price and purity

If you have decided to buy a semi-automatic espresso machine, three important aspects to consider are the Heating Technology, Portafilter and Grouphead.

Firstly, we should also talk about the pumps found on espresso machines. In many cases you will find espresso machines with 15-bar or 18-bar pumps, and these configurations should be rejected. The majority of the espresso makers are using a similar stock pump which is made by a company called Ulka. Its vibration pumps are reliable and rarely fail, but their maximum pressures are meaningless, because quality espressos are best extracted around 8 to 10 bars at the grouphead. In an Espresso machine, pressure is regulated by an Over Pressure Valve that “bleeds” the water away lowering the pressure., so the 15-bar or 18 bar capacity means little.

That is why some of the semi-commercial espresso machines are now using rotary vane pumps. By using rotary vane pumps rather than vibration pumps, they create less noise in operation, are more robust, and users can control the brew pressure by manually altering the built-in release screw.

HEATING TECHNOLOGIES – Thermoblocks, Single Boilers, Double Boilers and Heat Exchangers

Thermoblocks – generally a heating component which “flash heats” water. The water is drawn from a cold water chamber and goes through the heated thermoblock, delivering hot water on demand. Thermoblock steaming is achieved when the temperature is raised even higher on the device and the pump delivers small water bursts which again go through the thermoblock, and are then released as steam.

Thermoblock Espresso Machine

The advantage of a thermoblock is that it can heat up really fast, and remains hot so the production of steam (and therefore espresso) is rarely limited.  A major disadvantage of a thermoblock system is that, the temperature is rather unstable due to the small thermal mass.As a result the  extraction temp from thermoblock systems can vary widely and the steam produced is commonly quiet wet as well.

Semi automatic espresso machines which use thermoblocks are Cuisine Art, Breville, Delonghi, Krups and other entry level machines. Many of these brands feature in reviewers lists of the best espresso machine for home: You can learn more about each at

Single Boilers – are made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel.  They serve 2 purposes: namely steam production and espresso extraction. It draws the water from the water reservoir and heats water to a preset temperature. If steam is required, its heating component will heat the water further and create pressure inside the boiler. Steam will then be released by opening the valve that travels through the steaming wand. All facets are mechanical and there is no need for a pump in production of steam.

The advantages of a single boiler are the temperature stability when extracting espressos, and an improved steamer due of a dryer steam. While the disadvantages are the down time lost when switching from the extraction of espresso to producing steam (which is the time needed for the water to boil or cool)

Some examples of espresso machines that feature single boilers are Rancilio, Gaggia and Lelit.

That is all most of us need to know, If you wish you can read more about Double Boilers and Heat Exchangers at :