The Significance of Hydrobiology

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Hunting Fish on WaterAccording to Wikipedia Hydrobiology is “The science of life, and life processes in Water”

Part of the broader studies of our Ecology, Hydrobiology looks at the the health of living , water based organisms in both flowing and still water, and includes studies in Economic Biology, morphology, taxonomy,Industrial Biology and others.

For us the significant feature is that all these studies focus on the health of the aquatic creatures, which in turn rely on the health of the water itself.  This study ties in closely with both sewerage management and water purification, as well as management of Rivers, Lakes water catchments etc Read more

Why Protect Wetlands?

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In the face of population pressure, urbanization and development have you ever asked yourself Why Protect Wetlands ? Surely those swamps would be better used to house people after all.

Why Protect Waterways


Unfortunately that has been a commonly held opinion for far too long. Now population pressure, and developer’s lobbyists are putting increasing pressure on precious wetlands.

This is partly because property developers challenge local authorities and also ask Why Protect Wetlands. But they have a different emphasis, and a lot of money behind them.

How do you convince a developer that the ecosystem of the wetland is more important than a multi-million dollar resort project? Read more

Keeping Toxins out of your waste water

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If you live on a property and rely on a septic or composting waste disposal unit, keeping toxins out of your waste water is essential.

The same is true if you are recycling your grey water for use on your veggie patch or in your orchard.

Whether for these reasons, or if your are one of the many millions seeking more Environment friendly products to reduce the impact of waste leaving your property, we have something you should really check out for yourself.
Some time back a friend told us about Grab Green home and Laundry care products. Read more

Saving energy with Coffee Makers

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Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage, and the first thing that most people look for in the morning. But few people know that they can be saving energy with Coffee makers they buy.

Saving energy with Coffee Makers


Coffee gives an energy boost, and contains essential antioxidants that cleanse our system of impurities. So coffee makers are great appliances to have in your home as they allow you to prepare quality coffee fast and easy. However Coffee makers use energy, and energy production effects our waterways, so the more efficient our Coffee makes the better. Read more

Garden Mulch Helps Waterways

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Garden Mulch Helps Waterways if enough people use it. Much of the dirt in our waterways is due to storm water picking up chemicals and debris. Many of these items result in damage to rivers, streams,catchments and oceans. We sense that this causes pollution and depletes marine life, and we see it clearly in times of flood, but it only takes a shower.

 When it is raining heavily, rainwater flows over the lawns and gardens picking up debris,pesticides, fertilizers, oil and many other harmful substances. These are subsequently dumped into the streams, bays and rivers. Read more

Rain gardens help environment

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Storm water poses a serious challenge to many communities. Unchecked, it will run off from your roof or the driveway and onto the streets. From there it moves into the drainage system and finally into the waterways. Rain Gardens can help.
Cottage Rain gardens

In principal there is nothing wrong with how municipal storm water systems are intended to work. However, as the water flows over the various surfaces, it picks up a lot of litter and chemicals. These also end up in the lakes, rivers and streams where they can cause serious harm to biodiversity. Another big problem with Storm water, is that it is extremely powerful. Read more

Espresso Machines Different Heating Technologies

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One simple pleasure that most of us turn to each day, (which in turn relies on water quality) is our daily Coffee. As a coffee consumer purchasing a home coffee maker, there are numerous factors to consider, some of which impact on energy consumption, price and purity


If you have decided to buy a semi-automatic espresso machine, three important aspects to consider are the Heating Technology, Portafilter and Grouphead. Visit to learn about the best espresso machine for home: (without the techno speak) Read more

Keeping Waterways clean-Ten easy tips

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keeping waterways cleanWhere water is concerned, most of us are only interested in quality of the water that we use. But we all have a role in keeping waterways clean.

We hope that somehow, the water that flows into our homes will take care of itself. But just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to care for water. Here are ten tips for keeping waterways clean. Read more

Home made Cleaning Solution for Braun Electric Shavers

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Anything that large scale industry makes, means more waste going out to the environment. So we are going to make our own Home Made Cleaning Solution for Braun Electric Shavers.

Homemade Braun Cleaning SolutionRefilling these cost me about $1.88 each instead of paying around $5 each for the original. So my refill costs also drop from $60 to around $23 per year.

Braun shavers are one of the most highly rated brands. They make some of the most advanced shavers available, according to trusted reviewers online.

I personally think the Braun 7 790cc is the best electric razor  out there, (if you want a Dry only shaver).

It is easy to use, and it gives me a close shave with little skin irritation. Of course it helps that it’s now available at a reasonable price too.

Most top review websites have the Braun Series 7 as their number 1 choice for best electric shaver. But whichever Braun Shaver you choose, chances are you will need our

Home made Cleaning solution for Braun Electric Shavers

Read more